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I want to thank you for all the tender loving care I received at your hands as I recovered from my rotator cuff operation. You coaxed me along patiently, constantly helping me to expand my strength and range of motion, and restraining my inclination to rush the therapy process. As a result, I seem to have achieved a high level of recovery in considerably less time than others who have gone through the same experience.

I felt your therapy program was useful, effective and well designed to rehabilitate as fast as the nature of my injury permitted. I also found my three-a-week, two-a-week visits a pleasant personal experience. I'm sure this aids and speeds the recovery process. During my last two weeks, I've done all sorts of foolish things, cavorting around with my 40 pound grandson. My shoulder seems to have held up well. Thanks for all you've done for me!

- Alfred Walton; Warren, NJ

Thank you so very much for your gentleness and thoughtfulness. I appreciate all the kindness you showed me during all my treatments and the improvement I feel. Thank you for making my life a little easier.

- Dorothy S.

I have had orthopedic problems throughout my life and have been to many physical therapists over the years. So it is with a lot of experience that I can honestly say that I have never been to a physical therapy facility that is as outstanding as Watchung Hills Physical Therapy. My therapist James is the best, most professional, and has the most amazing bedside manner of any physical therapist I have ever worked with. From the moment you walk through the front door of WHPT and are greeted by either Elaine or Maureen, you are made to feel comfortable and at ease. I would and have recommended WHPT to anyone in need of physical therapy.

- Teri Snyder; North Plainfield, NJ

In all my years of various injuries you are the most proficient at curing them. Your ability to diagnose and treat are unequaled. Thanks for being the best.

- Herb Heflich, Martinsville, NJ

I have been to other physical therapy facilities where I was one of several clients that the physical therapist treated at the same time. That does not happen here. James worked with me the entire session, and I did not feel that he was looking at the clock. This is a small personal facility where James and his associate Kayley work out an individual plan of treatment. He was always coming up with various exercises for my fractured spine and sacrum. It is quiet and more relaxing with 2 therapists; there are 2 receptionists that work on alternate days and are very accommodating as well as friendly. I have improved greatly and James gets the credit. I would recommend this place without any hesitation and will surely return when the need arises.

My husband Vic and I have been patients of Watchung Hills Physical Therapy. Vick had double knee replacements a year and half ago. When we first arrived, Elaine and Maureen gave us the tour of the facility (gym and treatment areas) and were very helpful explaining our insurance coverage. Matt and James worked with Vic through his therapy. They were excellent, gentile yet tough, friendly but firm and very informative of the process of PT. Vic is now enjoying a full recovery from his surgery and PT and is having fun in his retirement. I had some knee PT a few years ago with James with James guiding me through it. Now I'm preparing for knee replacement. My doctor recommended that I do PT to help relieve some knee pain and strengthen my legs. James keeps me positive and focused during my workouts. With his encouragement and support I'm doing exercises that I never thought I could do. In one month of treatment my pain level has been reduced significantly and my legs are stronger. After my knee replacement surgery I will return for my PT, knowing that I will be in the best 'HANDS' for my recovery. My husband and I highly recommend Watchung Hills Physical Therapy.

- Linda A. De'Marsi, Warren, NJ

I had been constantly experiencing moderate to extreme neck pain for the past ten years. My lengthy discomfort caused me to involuntarily jerk my neck continually. I often missed out on a good nights sleep due to the pain. I had been to various doctors, physical therapists and accupunturists. After only several weeks Matt was able to break me of my neck twitching and bring me releif which I thought I would never experience. I continue to do the exercises and stretches he prescribed. My 13 year old son continually requires physical therapy and he also is grateful that we switched from his former physical therapist. I am happy to say that we have found relief and highly recommend Watchung Hills Physical Therapy.

- Steve Mactaggart; warren, nj

I'm currently receiving treatment at Watchung Hills Physical Therapy for a broken wrist I sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The relaxed atmosphere at their facility is conducive to healing and has made my rehabilitation easy. The skilled and professional staff have helped me immensely and I recommend them highly.

- RM; North Plainfield, NJ