James Santillo

James Santillo

Owner, PT, MSPT

License 40QA00612100

James received his Masters in Physical Therapy from Long Island University. He has been a physical therapist since 1989 and has spent his career working passionately with the most complex orthopedic patients. He has worked in a variety of places including Florida and NYC but the majority of the time in the Summit-Warren region. James believes that normalizing range of motion followed by neuromuscular re-education is critical to the healing process. He strongly believes that the injured region needs to move normally in all directions prior to the initiation of a strengthening program. Manual techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilizations are helpful in this area. There are no shortcuts and patient's need to be involved and diligent about changing poor habits in order to obtain positive results. He believes in empowering each patient how to live a healthier life and prevent further injury with knowledge and strategies to do so. He is grateful that his practice allows him to spend the time he needs with his patients to achieve the desired outcome.

James lives in Branchburg with his two daughters. He continues to enjoy coaching the Bridgewater Girls Lacrosse in the spring. James is also a big fan of music and enjoys going to see concerts with friends.

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